Winners - 4th CYCLE

Estonia’s Blockchain – Ehealth Records

Ministry of Social Affairs e-health Estonia KSI Blockchain

Estonia is using the technology behind bitcoin to secure 1 million health records which makes it impossible for the government or doctors or anyone to cover up any changes to healthcare records. Estonian citizens carry a smartcard that stores their data and gives them access to over 1,000 government services.

Self Driving Cars

Ministry of Transport, Singapore Smart transportation

nuTonomy is an MIT-spinoff that is testing self-driving cars. In early 2016 this company was the first one to obtain permission from the Singapore government to test self-driving cars in a small area of the city (One-North district). It has now started trials with passengers.

Smart City Amsterdam

Netherlands Government Smart City Amsterdam

The IoT Living Lab provides public networks, open infrastructure and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions – – Amsterdam is one of the most valuable ones of the moment, with a huge amount of pilots deployed and a long term strategy to continue developing its structure to continue being The Smart City of reference.