The United Arab Emirates has a strong commitment to be a key player in today›s globalised, technology–driven world. Accordingly, it is not only focused on its own development but, as a true global player, also on identifying and promoting those initiatives with the potential to contribute to a real change and improvement in global society.

In fact, the United Arab Emirates has joined with the World Economic Forum to establish a six-pillar plan that includes the creation of the first permanent policy unit to study and implement measures regarding the «Fourth Industrial Revolution» – the transformation of business and society brought about by technological advances and by the adoption of Emerging Technologies.

Following this spirit, the ‹Best Government Emerging Technologies› recognises governments that are experimenting with emerging technologies to provide government services more efficiently, effectively and have proven results showing how they have created greater public value and transformed people›s lives.

For this purpose, the Prime Minister’s Office has joined forces with Indra to analyse and identify 29 Emerging Technologies, grouped in 9 categories that include technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Robotics & Space, Smart Platforms, amongst other.

Wherever possible, case studies have been analysed as example of the use of the technology in public bodies and government, taking into account that some of these technologies may not have been implemented yet in the public sector and therefore have not affected the lives of citizens. The analysis comprises 73international case studies from 32 different countries.

This document represents an executive summary of the analysis findings, incorporating a brief description of the main Emerging Technologies where the selected cutting-edge digital technologies are introduced, followed by a number of examples of international case studies in which governments and public bodies have implemented these technologies.

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